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Welcome to the Pussy Portal Podcast

A spiral dance down the feminine path of mystery and magic - a safe haven for sharing medicine stories & having uncomfortable conversations around full spectrum humanhood - from death, grief and heartache to birth, pleasure and everything mystical. 

Last year churned me like milk into butter in an intense rupture journey, through the crumbling of my marriage of five years, which I would only months later come to know, would end up leading me to a shamanic death - a portal from my narrated life into my fated life as a medicine woman.


This intense chrysalis journey is what led to the birthing of this podcast, though, as I have humbly come to know in the weaving of this offering, Spirit has been pulling threads to make this happen for years, if not this whole incarnation.

In the first episode of The Pussy Portal Podcast, I speak about my awakening jouney and share about the psychic vision I was gifted a year before this podcast saw daylight, and how every step from that point on has been spiralling me closer and closer to the birthing of this offering and the dawning of my new life. 

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