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Hey, I'm Madli!

An intuitive creator, photographer, film maker, story weaver & poetess

Creating with intention

Hey there, sweet seer! My name is Madli and I am a story weaver, artist and a creative magician (or so I tell myself to make up for never having gotten a letter to Hogwarts). 


My roots are Estonian, but they are currently planted deep within the land of the Wiradjuri Nation. I am based in Orange NSW, which is where most of my creation happens, though I am always up for travel and adventure!

My creativity and unique expression are chanelled through various mediums - film, photography, poetry, visualt art and most recently - podcast. My approach to my craft is highly intuitive, meaning I feel into the energy of whomever I am capturing, with the intention of telling thier Story as authentically as possible.


Travelling is kind of my favourite thing! Ever!
If you're one with a nomadic soul, we are guaranteed to get on like a house on fire!

This is me in Machu Pichu, Peru on my birthday in 2022. Needless to say - it was epic!

When I am not creating through photo and video, you will find me travelling, or looking at tickets to go travelling, or dreaming of going travelling. In between those three, you may also find me creating art in other forms - through drawing, writing, playing music, cooking, dancing.

You will find me in nature, in the loving arms of our Earth Mother, which is where I feel most at home and grounded. I love hiking and adventures, coffee and real cacao, the balance of a quiet night in, reading, and a night out, dancing, until the sun comes up.

I'm an open-minded, light-hearted, passionate spirit who loves a good belly laugh and meaningful conversations, who is devoted to creating beauty and magic in the world in every way I can. This is my humble gift to the world.

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creating intuitively
with intention


The things that almost broke me
were the things that most awoke me


Truly Madli Deeply was born from one of the most arduous journeys of my life. It started off as a photography, videography business, but it grew into something so much more - a voice and expression for the emerging Divine Feminine power that is within us all, men and women alike, that is reawakening on this Earth, bringing with it a wave of profound change and transformation for how we get live our lives. It is a balancing, healing force that is feminine, not feminist, meaning it does not seek dominion, but to create equanimity, equity and peace for all.

We are the ones we have been wating for - the peace-bringers, the healers, the changemakers, the creatives and creators, the ones who get to choose freedom in this lifetime. We have the innate power. the tools and the modalities to aid us in healing our stories.

It is my hope and my wish, through the various mediums of my heArt, to simply tell our stories, to bring back into the mundane the beauty and mystery that is all around us, within us, always has been and always will be. 

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