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Wedding films that tell a Story

I have been creating wedding films for the past 3 years, it is my main expression and biggest passion, the one form of creativity that truly lights me up in life!


My approach to film making is highly intuitive, I base my filming and editing process around authetnically portraying the energetics of each couple based on their individuality. Some films are more sentimental and slow, some are more fast paced and quirky, but generally I like to try to weave in a bit of all of the above. 

What is guaranteed is that your wedding film will not be awkward or tacky or corny, it will be You, just as you are!

Soulful & fun wedding films
that tell a Story


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It matters if we vibe!

I have learned from experience that the best wedding films and experiences come out of good connection, syngery and trust. Your photographer and videographer are with you all day and it makes a massive difference for how you experience one of THE BEST DAYS of  your life, and the video you end up getting, if you can feel relaxed and just be fully yourself on the day.

Working with me

At this stage in my life and creative journey, I am choosing to take on a very small amount of projects, preferably elopements and small weddings, working with couples with whom I feel aligned and connected with.

If you like my work and dig what I am about, I invite you to fill in the application form, telling me about you and your partner, a bit about your story and your vision for the big day. Once you have expressed interest, I will send through a guide on pricing and package options and from there, we can have a call or a video chat to see how we click.

What will it cost?

Packages start from $3,000  for elopements and $4,400 for bigger weddings/longer duration packages. However, I am open to indivdually tailoring packages to your needs if what you are looking for is aligned with how I choose to create in the world.

No story worth telling should be left untold and if you are someone with and epic Love Story, I would love to hear from you!

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