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The Shakti rising project

Home of  the Wild Womban

my words
come from the void

the velvet fruiftul darkness

of Earth Mother's Womb

the tomb 

upon the grave

from which I have arisen

my life was a beautiful prison

now I run with the wolves

free and wild

I'm a child, again

at heart

no darkness, darker

no art, harder

to channel

but I keep writing


like a character back into my story

the arc is my life

the ink is my heart


somewhere along those lines

comes my healing

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Welcome to the Shakti Rising Project

The Shakti Rising Project is a living, breathing prayer and safe haven dedicated to the liberation and rewilding of the Womben-kind. 


To the ones who get to dance into freedom and reawaken the shewolf within, but especially to the ones in the corners of the world where such liberation can not even be dreamt of. My heart sings for the clipped-winged ones. These women live in my prayers. I set an intention here - may the Shakti Rising Project and all the healing, wisdom and empowerment that comes from its fruits, go like ripples out into these dark corners of the planet and bring waves of healing to those who most need it. 


We are the ones we have been waiting for - the peace-bringers, the change-makers, the teachers, the lineage healers, the shamans, the witches, the seers, the wise ones. We are the spiritual midwives aiding the collective through a rebirthing into a new consciousness, into the New Earth Template.

May we remember who we truly are, may our heats beat in onness, while knowing that oneness has nothing to do with sameness. May we get to know the wild womban within! May we be free!

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